This upper-level course will explore the theoretical and practical issues confronting public historians by involving students in the design and implementation of an online public history project. Class sessions will involve class discussions, guest speakers,  lectures, films, and other media presentations. The guest speakers from the community or other departments will elaborate on course themes. All students are expected to actively participate in discussions and activities as described in the course outline.

The project for this course will be to generate content on New Britain’s industrial history for ConnecticutHistory.org. Students will develop a project from materials and/or objects from the New Britain Industrial Museum located in downtown New Britain. The course goals are: to have publishable material for ConnecticutHistory.org; interpreted content for the New Britain Industrial Museum; and to publish student work in an online public history environment.

This course is part of the university’s community engagement initiative. As such, the goals of the course are to build students’ civic agency; academic skills such as critical analysis, research, and writing; appreciation for diversity; and interpersonal, leadership, and advocacy skills. This course also aims to foster students’ life-long commitment to public service by providing hands-on opportunities to improve the quality of life in the community and the region.


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